Magento Community Edition Release, version 1.9 is now available!

Magento have just released a new update for Magento Community Edition, version 1.9 is now available!>
There are multiple changes & updates included and you can read all about the 1.9 release here:

We would recommend…
not jumping in and upgrading this week, hold off until for at least a week or longer if you can.
The reason for this is simple, let others find any problems with the update process, theme support, extensions, the newly added features and changes.
There were several changes included in this update and while they may sound attractive, realistically you could probably live without them for a short period of time.
Also for those of you that are using the Ulitmo Magento website theme, the advice will be pretty much the same and when the minor revision comes out, they’ll add support for the latest version in ( just like what happened with version 1.8, we saw version 1.8.1 follow shortly afterwards ).

The New Release.

The biggest news is that the default theme in Magento has been replaced with a fully responsive theme, reducing the time and expense required to make a Magento site responsive.

Magento Community 1.9 also includes the PHP 5.4 patch to make sure that your Magento site will run well under PHP 5.4, and our testing shows that this patch also allows Magento to operate under PHP 5.5, which brings some great performance gains to PHP-based websites.

PayPal integration has been overhauled in Magento Community 1.9, with an eye on boosting conversions by streamlining the PayPal Express Checkout process and adding support for Bill Me Later.

Finally, Magento 1.9 contains a large number of security enhancements, including closing potential cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities, improving file system security and addressing a potential session fixation vulnerability during checkout.

Magento has also announced that there will be additional updates to the Magento 1 branch this year, including features, quality improvements and security enhancements, meaning that current Magento users and those building a new site for launch this year should continue to use Magento 1.

These updates to Magento Community mean that after upgrading, your site will be more secure, more reliable and should experience higher conversion rates thanks to the improvements to the payment options. Because of this, we recommend (obviously after the short wait we mentioned above) all Magento Community users upgrade. Contact us to see how we can help you upgrade to this great new release of Magento Community Edition quickly and easily!

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