Magento Payments in Paypal but no order in Customers Account

If u have setup paypal on magento and a customer or you have made a transactions using paypal. You might have noticed that the paypal orders are not shown on the “My Orders” section on the customers “My Account” section.

We faced this issue with one of our clients recently and wasted a few hours on this issue. It appeared that the client had entered all the correct details in Magento admin for the api information but not completed it in Paypal. If not done this will just process the transaction and the orders will be shown in Magento admin and Paypal but it won’t show the order in magento frontend and moreover there is no transaction id on the backend of magento.

So, in order to fix this issue, what we need to do is, set up paypal ipn on the paypal site.
paypal standard payments setup with ipn
This site shows how to setup paypal ipn.
Follow the steps as mentioned under the section “Turning On IPN in PayPal”

After turning on the IPN feature, test the checkout and the order should be in your Magento Admin

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