3 Analytics and Conversion Tools You Should Try

3 Analytics and Conversion Tools You Should Try

Here is a breif list of three tools we think you should be using to help determine how your visitors navigate your website. Google AnalyticsQualaroo, and Crazy Egg.

Analytics are such an important part to marketing any website. Getting your vistors to your site is one thing but converting those visits into sales is something completely different.

These handy tools enable you to be able to see what your vistors are doing when on your site and optimise your site for the best possible user experience and highest number of conversions.

  • Google Analytics will give you quantitative insight into what pages should be listed in your main menu.
  • Qualaro will allow you to ask your visitors what menu items should be in the main menu.
  • Crazy Egg will allow you to visually see what pages belong in the main menu.

Their websites are linked above google analytics is completely free and just requires a bit of setup (click here to get us to set it up for you)

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