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Kelly Vass

Kelly Vass // Head of Support and Billing

Kelly manages the important stuff here at MX. Making sure estimations, time-scales and costings are all correct as well as managing billing and customer satisfaction which is very important to us! Kelly has been with the MX group over 10 years and in that time gained a lot of experience in many different areas of our work. She is a wife and hard working mother of two wonderful little children so spare time is not something that tends to occur often.

Ryan Vassallo

Ryan Vassallo // CEO & Founder

With over 15 years experience in graphical design and design for web Ryan has a wealth of knowledge in the areas required to get the job done quickly and correctly! With A-levels in Fine Art and Photography he's always quick to spot common design errors and where things can be improved. Over the years has expanded his knowledge to include web development skills including css, xhtml, php, mysql, java and more. His spare time is generally filled with more work and a bit of football oh and he does like a beer or two!

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